Reed Diffuser


Reed Diffuser

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Rattan reeds absorb Flare scented oils, releasing a halo of graceful, evocative fragrance in the air. Elegant, consistent, simple and maintenance-free. Included- glass bottle containing 4 ounce of fragrant base, 8 natural rattan reeds. Best if 4 reeds are used at a time.  Flip reeds every week or as needed to refresh scent. Last 3+ Months  
Made in United States

Pink Suga- Vanilla + Caramel + Cotton Candy

White Linen- Soft Linen + Sandalwood

Grace- Cashmere + Vanilla + Pear

Apple Butter Whiskey- Buttery Brown Sugar, Bourbon + Spicy apples

Autumn Leaves- clover, nutmeg + apples

Spiced Chai- Pumpkin + honey  + cinnamon

Pumpkin Waffles- Homemade waffles + melted butter + brown sugar

Coffee Shop- Glazed donuts +heavy cream + black coffee

Bougie- Lily of the Valley + jasmine + musk

Havana- Camel + Bergamot + tobacco

Orange Peppercorn- Mandarin + black pepper + clove

Tuscan Plum- Exotic Floral + Musk + Dark Plum